Settlement Sightseeing - Oqaatsut

Duration: 5 hours
Min. participants: 6
Season: All year
Level of difficulties: 1 [?]
Excursion number: J-35
Small isolated settlements are very special in Greenland. They have internet and flat screens in the settlement, but everyday life has another pace. Just one generation ago, majority of the Greenlandic people lived in the small settlements along the coast.

The settlement Oqaatsut, was through several centuries the resort of the Dutch whale hunters, therefore another name for the settlement is Rodebay (red bay). Today whales are still drawn ashore here once in a while. Oqaatsut is beautiful situated app. 15 km. north of Ilulissat, and even though it only has 45 inhabitants it has got its own school, church, shop and a small restaurant called “H8”, which is one of the old building from the colonial time.

Transfer from World of Greenland to the harbour and back
App. 1 hour each way to and from Oqaatsut by boat
Guided tour and introduction to the settlement
App. 2 hours in Oqaatsut
Coffee and tea on the boat


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