Kangia Classic Summer - S61

Duration: 2 timer
Min. participants: 11
Season: Summer
Level of difficulties: 1 [?]
Excursion number: J-50
This excursion is the only option to get all the way to the heart of the UNESCO-area. Neither by boat or by foot is it possible to get this close to the gigantic glacier.

Ilulissat Glacier is the most productive glacier, not only in Greenland, but in the northern hemisphere. The glacier is 7 kilometres wide and more than 1 kilometre steep. It produces 43 million tons of ice and moves about 50 metres a day. It is an amazing sight to see this infinite amount of ice and experience the enormous power of nature.

The helicopter takes off from Ilulissat Airport and flies, as low as safety permit, crossing hills, lakes and ice fiords.

We land in the middle of the preserved area, and for half an hour we are going to enjoy the greatness of the wonderful nature surrounding us.

We fly above the edge of the glacier and the icebergs in the icefiord on the ride back to Ilulissat. Some of the biggest icebergs strand on a moraine underneath the water just outside town, and it makes a wonderful finale to this excursion.

A helicopter flight is per definition a great experience, and combined with the scenery in these surroundings, the excursion is an absolute winner.

Included on tour:
Transfer from World of Greenland to the airport and back
Introduction and information of the ice and the area before departure
Approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, where 50 minutes are actual flighttime
Approximately 30 minutes ground stop on land by the Ilulissat Glacier


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