Qajaa Settlement at the Icefiord

Duration: 6 hours
Min. participants: 8
Season: Summer
Level of difficulties: 2 [?]
Excursion number: I-05
Qajaa once was one of the top destinations for Inuits to hunt for seals and other wildlife that contributed to their survival. This was 4.000 years ago. Today, the remaints of tools and bones of the prey are found in dunghills in the area and are subject to science.

We will take you there with ATV through the landscape south of Ilimanaq and by boat on the Tasiusaq-fiord system to arrive at the same place as the hunters used to enter their kayaks. The area has a lot to tell so your guide will try to keep your concentration which might be difficult when you constantly get disturbed by the curious seals and magnificent chunks of ice drifting by.

The area is well worth a visit, so join this excursion to learn more about the culture, the history and of course to try the ATV and beautiful boat ride.

Please notice:
Book your trip well in advance to secure your participation - only few seats available!
Bring warm clothes – it might get cold while on the boat or at Qajaa
Remember to add-on transportation to and from Ilimanaq if you stay in Ilulissat for the night

Included in tour:
Tea and coffee
English and danish speaking guide

Add on options:
Shuttle to and from Ilimanaq
Overnight stay at Ilimanaq Lodge


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