Staff World of Greenland

World of Greenland is a local rooted company, with one overall objective: to give you the best experience imaginable while visiting Ilulissat. Our staff consists of experienced guides with great knowledge of the Disco Bay area. We all have a great passion for the Greenlandic nature and are users of the activities that it provides. We will do our utmost to fulfil your expectations.


Martin Bo Hansen – CEO

Greenland took my breath away some years ago when I first visited as a tour guide on a couple of dog sledge expeditions. The magnificent icebergs, the evolutionary grace of the whales and the ever-changing colours of the northern lights touched me so deep that I had to stay. I will always be impressed by the friendly, laughing locals and their ability to live by ease in every season, so different from the other. The view of the icebergs is never the same and the contrasts in experiences is greater than anywhere else I have ever been. From the thundering Eqi Glacier to the quiet atmosphere in Ilimanaq I find all that I need right here in Greenland.



Kristina Kruse – CFO

Rejselysten blev tændt på en 9 måneders arbejds- og rygsæktur i Australien lige efter gymnasiet. Den blev hurtig efterfulgt af et halvt års tur gennem Indien, Nepal, Indonesien og Filippinerne. Herefter vandt fornuften og studiet blev påbegyndt. En kort vinterferie i Grønland var nok til at overbevise mig, dét var stedet at være! Herefter blev de efterfølgende somre anvendt med at arbejde i Grønland. Da biologistudiet var overstået, var det tid til at rykke dagligdagen til Ilulissat. Kort efter jeg flyttede til Ilulissat, blev hundespandet købt og fundamentet var lagt for de mest fantastiske oplevelser!

Jeg er vild med vinterens sne, nordlys og hunde, men glæder mig også hvert år til sommerens ankomst. Så er der mulighed for vandreture og sejlture med isfjelde, hvaler og bræ. Skal jeg vælge et favorit sted og tid er det Glacier Lodge Eqi i August måned, hvor jeg elsker roen og udsigten!



Jakob Schytz – Operationel Manager

Jeg er født og opvokset i Qasigiannguit, syd for Ilulissat. Jeg tog til Danmark for at læse fysik på Aalborg Universitet. I 2014 vendte jeg snuden hjemad for at arbejde en sommersæson, som guide for World of Greenland. Desværre blev jeg så genbetaget af mit hjemland, at jeg 5 dage efter ankomsten til Danmark, endnu engang stod med en billet til Grønland. Tilbage i Ilulissat arbejdede jeg som vikar og underviste i fysik på en af byens skoler, hvorefter jeg vendte tilbage til World of Greenland.

Nu består mit arbejde hovedsageligt af administrative opgaver. Derfor vil du oftest se mig bag computeren besvare mails. I min fritid arbejder jeg med droner og forsøger fra dette nye perspektiv at formidle Grønlands natur og mennesker.



Troels G. Kristensen - Hotel Manager

The last 4 years I worked in the hospitality industry in Denmark, and then I had the desire to spend a couple of years outside the Danish border. A big opportunity was presented in Greenland, and I grabbed my backpack. I’ve travelled big parts of the world among others, New Zealand, Australia and a trip to Kangerlussuaq in 2008. You will be seeing me at the office in Ilulissat where I’m planning the summer for our hotel and restaurant facilities at Glacier Lodge Eqi and Ilimanaq Lodge. We look forward to welcoming you!



Tuperna Dagmar Kleist – Store Manager

I was born and raised in South Greenland. I am educated in Tourism Management, so I take great pride in meeting customers’ needs by having the best service in the shop. Since I was a little girl, I was attracted to the ´shop world´ where I have been responsible within several companies.
I have worked in our shop ‘Tuvika’ and in the Souvenir Shop ‘Greenland Sagalands’ in past years. I am service-minded, welcoming and happy to be the first person customers see, when they enter our shop and good to negotiate with customers.
I look forward to see you in the shop and of course to fulfill your wishes!



Maria Elisabeth Knudsen - Coordinator and Staff Manager

For several years, I have traveled, lived and worked in different parts of the world. Staying in another country gives one a special insight into the locals' living conditions and culture, which for me has resulted in unique experiences. Especially I like Central America, where I have worked in Costa Rica and had the opportunity to develop my Spanish. In April 2016, I was employed by World of Greenland and for the first time I traveled north, and in spite of my love for the warmer climes at the southern hemisphere, Greenland has taken me by storm! I knew right away, after my first Icefiord Sightseeing, that I would stay in Ilulissat. I am excited about Greenland's fascinating nature and the unique tranquility you only find at the edge of the ice sheet. In World of Greenland my work is primarily to coordinate daily tasks, therefore you will most often find me in the office answering calls and e-mails.



Lola Christensen - Coordinator

I was born in Ilulissat and raised in Nanortalik. I have also lived in USA (Massachusetts), were I leant English and attended school for one year. I am educated as an Arctic Guide and as a service economist specialized in tourism in Greenland. I love to travel and I have seen so many beautiful places in Greenland and in other countries. Now I am back in Ilulissat were I was born and now work at World of Greenland as a coordinator. I can help you getting to the places you want to visit while you are in Ilulissat. I am looking forward to help you!




Kaare Arnfeldt Krebs – Product Manager

Being out in nature has always meant everything to me, adventure in the backcountry or along the coast; it matters not if it is outside. My approach to nature is often through physical activity, wearing climbing boots; for me this is where nature gets close. Greenland's nature is unique, just as beautiful and amazing it is, just as harsh and unpredictable it can be. Here it is always new and exciting experiences that await you. For me it is important to share nature with others, the joy is always the same, indescribable. I am an outdoor leader, canoeing, kayaking and climbing instructor. My work is primarily product development. See you on a guided city walk, iceberg sailing or an ice cap adventure.



Simone Kølle Petersen - Senior Guide

I sommeren 2007 var jeg på ferie i Grønland, og det gjorde et dybt indtryk på mig. Jeg blev betaget af roen, menneskene, naturen, den friske luft, lyset og de store vidder man ikke finder andre steder end i Grønland. I vinteren 2008 vendte jeg tilbage og kørte 4 dage på hundeslæde. Det var så fantastisk, at jeg kort efter min hjemkomst søgte arbejde i Ilulissat og flyttede hertil.
Siden 2013 har jeg arbejdet som guide i World og Greenland. Jeg har altid holdt af at være ude i naturen, og som uddannet socialpædagog har jeg haft mulighed for at forene det med mit arbejde med børn og unge. Jeg nyder at fortælle om livet her og den smukke natur. I min fritid kører jeg hundeslæde med min grønlandske kæreste og sejler om sommeren, hvilket er en god måde for mig at lære om den grønlandske kultur.



Peter Frederik Olsen - Guide

Since the arctic guide school in South Greenland, I was attracted by tourism and started working for World of Greenland in 2015. Since then I have shown my country with pride, I am born and raised here in Ilulissat and always ready to share local knowledge and Greenlandic culture. Since the trips through World of Greenland have several levels of difficulty, I have chosen to also go on adventure guide training in order to have more options and to guide all the tours safely. In Greenland it is the unpredictable weather that always determines how the trip is going to be, that is what makes the experience special as different kinds of weather offer their own experiences. You will probably see me explain about icebergs on our icefiord sailings and the bedrock on hikes, or the Greenlandic myths of the Northern Lights. Looking forward to see you!



Kim Olsvig Schytz - Guide

I’m born and raised in Qasigiannguit and I’ve lived in Aalborg (Denmark) the past 9 years. In the summer 2015 I was employed by World of Greenland as a summer guide, and it was the first time in 8 years I was home in Greenland. It was so amazing to be home again that I the next summer packed my bags and came back to experience another summer and try the winter season. I’ve earlier been on interrail across Europe and driven from Denmark to Norway through Sweden, I love to travel and experience something new, but it is nice to be home again and be with family. Another thing I love to do is taking pictures. As a guide I have been out on long tours and it’s there I’ve taken a lot of amazing pictures and created some memories that I will remember for the rest of my life. You can meet me in the shop or on tour where I will tell you stories about the town and the things I’ve experienced as a guide. See you out there!



Janus Jørgensen - Guide

Ever since I was little and heard about the Icelandic Saga's and how the Viking, Erik the Red sailed to Greenland, it has been a huge dream of mine to one day visit Greenland. I have traveled a lot of places around the world and I love experiencing unique cultures and landscapes. When I am traveling it is always with climbing gear or skies in the bag, I love the possibilities it gives me to see not only the landscapes, but also the people from a different angle.
I have lived the last 3 years in a small valley up in the Swiss alpes, until I got this amazing opportunity to come here to Ilulissat, as a guide for World of Greenland.
I see this as an amazing opportunity to experience Greenland, but also a great honor to show you this magnificent place.
I am a skilled carpenter, certified rock climbing instructor and have a bunch of outdoor courses and experiences as a guide. I look forward to guide you on the many tours that World of Greenland has to offer and I am sure you will have a unique experience that you don't find elsewhere.        



Seasonal Guides

Every summer our staff expands by about 30 enthusiastic guides. All our guides are passionate about communicating their knowledge about Greenland and you will meet them on all of our tours where their main goal is to give you a fantastic experience.





I was born and raised in South Greenland. I am educated as Tourism Management, so I take great pride in meeting customers’ needs by having the best service in the shop. Since I was a little girl, I was attracted to the ´shop world´ where I have been responsible within companies.

I have worked in our shop ‘Tuvika’ and in the Souvenir Shop ‘Greenland Sagalands’ recent years.       I am service-minded, welcoming, happy to be the first person customers see, when they enter the shop and good to negotiate with customers.

I look forward to see you in the shop and of course to fill your wishes!