Kayak Experience

Kayak Experience

The inuit have been taversing the waters of Greenland by kayak for thousands of years, and now we can offer you to come along. Glide soundlessly on the water and experience the massive icebergs around you. The midnight sun illuminates the icebergs, creating a spectacle of color. In cloudy conditions the iceberg's beautiful blue color comes to the fore. With some luck, the quiet will be broken, either by whales blowing air out after the dive, or by the crashing sound of calving icebergs. The icefjord doesn't get any better than by kayak.

"We'll paddle out together along the coast towards the opening of the fjord, where the approximately 50 meter high icebergs lie, awaiting their journey out into Disko Bay. You will be on the water at least 2 hours. We offer a kayak tour with a professional guide, who makes sure that everyone feels safe for the whole time. We equip everyone with a drysuite and an introduction before the tour begins. For that reason, anyone can join the tour, even if you have never been in a kayak before.

All tours take place using doubles, which are very stable in the water. Please be advised that it is not possible to request a single kayak.

If you are an uneven group you might be seated in a kayak with other guests.

The tour can be booked from June to August.

Please note
Height requirement: 150 cm
Everyone can paddle in a kayak, even complete novices.
We can unfortunately not accept participants who have serious back or shoulder pains.
Please bring: A hat for the sun, sun glasses, sunscreen lotion and drinking water.