Daytour to Ilimanaq - Lunch and settlement walk included

World of Greenland's shuttle boat service sails several times daily between Ilulissat and Ilimanaq according to a fixed time schedule. The shuttle will take you to a trail of discoveries in the small village Ilimanaq of just 52 inhabitants. Enjoy the voyage through the enourmous, impressive icebergs floating at the mouth of the Icefjord, and keep your eyes open for whales! 
The trip is just 30-45 minutes in duration and regardless what time you arrive in the village, you will be warmly welcomed by our personnel. Upon arrival you'll see two prominent black log houses, of which the one at the back is the World of Greenland Ilimanaq Lodge reception and a small museum. This is the setting for World of Greenland's gourmet restaurant.

Our lunch and dinner menu, served in the historic houses, allow for the unique opportunity to enjoy exquisite food in the 18th century home of Poul Egede (1708-1789, son of Hans Egede), which has been painstakingly restored. The restaurant is placed beautifully in the small town of Ilimanaq and is one of Greenland's absolute best.

The settlement hike begins at the reception. Your guide will tell you all about the culture and history, the way of life, and show you the main attractions in the settlement. The church, the school, the dog area, and the old loghouses, and many other point of interests in the settlement. Join this excursion to get a deeper understanding of your destination. It is included in your stay if you spend the night in Ilimanaq Lodge.

We strive for the best and most authentic taste of Greenland. The restaurant building has been restored by Real Dania with respect for the historical legacy interwoven with the place. Amongst other things, the ceiling is made of sail fabric, as was common in the 18th century. The historic spirit of this place, together with the view of whales frollicking around in the Disko Bay, will make for an unforgettable evening.

It is indeed difficult to imagine a more impressive location for an exclusive meal.

It is possible to combine a stay in Ilimanaq with many excursions such as Kaffemik, Ilimanaq Glacier Adventure and a settlement walk. If you want to design your own day in Ilimanaq with other boat shuttle departures follow the link here. If you want to stay in Ilimananaq Lodge follow the link here.

There is no guide on the shuttle boat