Local Seal Hunt

Join a local leisure hunter on a seal hunt and gain insight into a life that many Inuit still live today. Seal hunt is an exciting and fast-paced kind of hunting - an experience you won't forget.

Imagine a silent night in the middle og Diskobay's natural beauty. The shiny water reflects yellow, delicate midnight sun light and the engine shuts down followed by a complete silence. The excitement gradually increases while scouting over the sea. Seals are from nature's hand well hidden in, but as soon as you know what to look for they pop up everywhere. If the shot hits the boat is quickly maneuvered to the animal before the catch sinks to the bottom.

The seal hunt is concentrated on Harp, Hoodd Seal and RInged Seal. In total there is six species living along Greenland's coast and the stock counts over 10 million. Seal hunting has always been a big part of Inuit culture and identity. Previously the lard has been used as a source of light and the skin for tents and kayaks. Today seals are an important source of food for human and dogs alike and the skin is used for clothing. The export of seal skin is still important to the national economy and employment. In 2013 EU imposed a ban of seal skin import, but has later on withdrawn the ban for Inuit only. The seal stock is not subjected to quotas and the number of catches is small compared to the size of the stock. They are properly monitored by NAMMCO (North Atlantic Marina Mammal Commission) and PBR (Potential Biological Removal).

Catching seals has in Greenland always been sustainable. This means that everything from the seal is fully used - for design jackets and dog's food alike. And if we are lucky to catch a seal it will belong to the local hunter only and will be used for food.


Please notice:
Previous hunting experience is recommended.
The boat is an open dinghy - a Poca - which is widely used in the area for fishing and hunting. 
Remember to bring warm clothes, a hat and gloves.
One day ahead of the tour we need all guest's size in order to find the correct survival suit.