Whale Safari

It surprises most people how great an experience it is to get close to such large animals like whales.

In Greenland waters we see around 15 whale species. Three of these are in Greenland in winter, the beluga whale, narwhal and Greenland whale. The blue whale and orca seen only rarely.

In the summer it is usually the humpback whale, minke whale and the fin whale we see. The humpback whale is despite its up to 18 meters and 30 tons the acrobat among the great whales. It can throw itself out of the water and turn the tail and flippers. It is easily recognized on the humped fin and white back on the tail when it dives. Around the Disko Bay there are good opportunities to watch humpback whale in its hunt for fish, squid and krill.

The whales are swimming in the Disko Bay during the summer, sometimes close to the city, sometimes in the ice fjord or up north at Arveprinsens Ejland. 

We are in constant radio contact with the city's fishermen and hunters, this is our source of information about the whales, so we can almost always find them. The humpback whale with its distinctive tail is the one we most frequently encounter.

This tour is operated by Diskoline. In case of any change in the program you will be contected by Diskoline directly.