Inuit Kalaallisuut

The local Women's Association invites us into their house where we get the unique experience of learning about the iconic national costume, Kalaallisuut, up close. 

The Women's Association is active in most towns along the Greenlandic coast and has 800 members nationally. Here local women get together around a cup of coffee and a mutual goal about keeping and taking care of the old Greenlandic traditions and handcraft. Previously they have been an important part of the common education, but nowadays they have become a knowledge mastered of very few. This makes the Women's associastion an important intermediary of a special cultural heritage.

After being transported to the Association's house in Ilulissat we will be greeted by 1 or 2 members of the local Women's Association. During the next 2 hours there is a demonstration of different techniques for skin treatment as well as a casual show and storytelling about the Greenlandic national costume. Afterwards you will get the chance to inspect the suit and feel the skin and weight of the pearls with your own hands. 
There will be served coffe and cake after Greenlandic tradition. 

This experience of the unpretentious and casual vibe in company with local enthusiasts gives a different perspective on any stay in Ilulissat. It supports local initiatives and is a great exampel of the meeting between two worlds.

Please notice:
The Women's Association has - like many Greenlandic homes - no sewerage. In need of a restroom an outhouse can be used.