Backcountry Snowshoe Exclusive

Join us on a true winter adventure in the icy and snowy backcountry of Ilulissat.

The tour begins at the Quarry where we wil meet our guide. After a thorough instruction in the use of snowscooter and snowshoes we drive out of the town and into the silent backcountry through steppes and mountains. After approximately an hour we reach the fishermans huts where we put on the snowshoes to explore the magnificant nature. Wearing snowshoes makes us able to reach places with fantastic views that are normally impassable. 

This tour is a great opportunity to experience the ruthless arctic desert in all it's glory.


Please notice:
The minumum age for driving the snowscooter is 18 years.
The tour takes about 4 hours. No prior experience is needed. Our guide will privide all the eqipment and intruction needed to have a safe trip..
Remember warm clothes. It is possible to rent arctic jacket, pants and winter boots.