Dog Sled

The dog sledge is one of the strongest icons of Greenland. An Inuit tradition, dating 2000 years back in time! You will not find many other means of transportation, which has survived for so long without any changes. The basic principle is still the same as in the Viking age; some dogs tied to a simple construction of wood. The experience cannot be explained – you have to try it.

Ilulissat is the biggest sledge district in Greenland and offers many great dog sledge experiences. The sledge dog driver may take you towards “Brede bugt” where you can enjoy the view of the Disko Bay. He might even take you onto the sea ice if this is thick enough. Another route goes into the hinterland, towards a viewpoint of the Icefjord, but before getting there, you have to go over “little Akinnaq” a hill top, that is not really that small. This only makes it more fun, when you have to go down it again!

Please notice:

Minimun age i 8

If you book two people you go on the same sled, whereas if you are a single person you will be put together with another guest on the same sled.

On sledge rides, there is no guarantee that the driver speaks Danish or English. However, we can promise you that a lot can be understood using gesticulations.

You can rent arctic jacket, trousers and boots.