Dog Sled Adventure 2 days

This is the excursion for you if you want to try your strength against the Arctic winter. We follow the sledge track to Aattartoq, where we meet the sea ice at Sikuiuitsoq. Sikuiuitsoq is a smaller fiord next to the gigantic Kangia ice fiord, and the track goes on the sea ice among the icebound icebergs. In the head of the fiord The Dead Glacier towers above, and we will spend the night in primitive cabins or tents. On the ride back to Ilulissat we will see, whether the approach to the Inland Ice is passable.

Please notice:
That on sledge rides, there is no guarantee that the driver speaks Danish or English. However, we can promise you that a lot can be understood using gesticulations.

There is an info meeting about the trip the day before departure in World of Greenland's store at 3.00 pm.

You can find a packing list for overnight dogsledge excursions under the menu World of Greenland.

Add-on options:
You can rent arctic jacket and trousers in sealskin and winter boots.