Imagine you're standing on crags high above the ocean, the sun feels warm on your face, the wind is playing with your hair, when suddenly the air is split by a gigantic bang, like the sound of a nearby thunderclap. The detonation sound isn't coming from a storm, it orginates at the Eqi Glacier, on which you have a full panorama view.

Welcome to Glacier Lodge Eqi!

Glacier Lodge Eqi was the first in World of Greenland's unique range of lodges. It is placed at the very spot where the French polar explorer Poul-Emilie Victor started his expeditions in 1948 to 1953. Since that time the glacier has receded somewhat, but the panorama and thundering sounds are certainly not lacking!

There is a total of 14 huts and 5 wilderness tents in Glacier Lodge Eqi. In the huts there is room for 2-4 persons, whereas the wilderness tents have space for 2. Most choose to book the huts as a normal double room.

Accomodation at Glacier Lodge Eqi comes with full board, which is served at Café Victor - named after the French polar explorer.

  • Comfort Deluxe huts are exclusively placed in the first row facing the fjord and glacier. Relax and enjoy the unspoiled view from the couch or bed through a 7 meters wide panorama window, or from the privte terrace. These isolated cabinsare powered and heated by solar panels on their roofs. This exclusive location causes a 5 minutes walk to Café Victor on uneven terrain.
  • The Comfort huts are placed on top of the field and is connected to Café Victor via a board walk. Solar panels deliver energy, heats the water and runs the heat pump.
  • Standard Huts are basic huts without toilet or electricity, but which are placed close to the Café's toilets, bathing and café area. 
  • Glamping is our newest initiative. With full standing height, windows and modern interior the comfort in the wilderness tents are on par with the standard huts. The tents are connected to the café area via a board walk. Despite the isolated location in the periphery of the lodge area, the walk to Café Victor is done with ease. 


All hust and tents in Glacier Lodge Eqi have private terraces and fantastic views of the glacier.
You can book your accommodation at Glacier Lodge Eqi right here on this page.

When visiting Glacier Lodge Eqi, you'll first be treated to a boat trip to Eqi, where you'll come right up to the edge of the glacier and experience this calving mass of ice first-hand. Eqi Glacier (Eqip Sermia), along with the the Glacier Lodge, are located some 80 km north of Ilulissat, and it calves so often that most visitors will experience the sound and the sight of this impressive nature scene while there.

In addition, we offer an exciting range of walking tours in the area for those that choose to spend some time here. You can read more about these possibilities here on the site.

We look forward to welcoming you at Glacier Lodge Eqi!