Dagstur til Eqi gletsjer - den kælvende bræ

Daytour to Eqi glacier - the calving glacier

Only few places in Greenland are as beautiful as the Eqi Glacier, which ends in the fiord 80 kilometres north of Ilulissat. It is possible by boat to get very close to the glacier and experience huge pieces of ice breaking off. The sounds are enormous and the sight of the icebergs, crashing into the water, is breathtaking.

It is possible to combine a boat trip with a stay in Glacier Lodge Eqi. If that is your wish, look at excursions under Overnight Stay in Glacier Lodge Eqi.

We sail in modern and convenient boats at the excursion to Eqi. The route goes north along the coast passing Bredebugt, the settlement of Oqaatsut and the big fiord system called Pakitsoq, where whales and seals often are seen. Further on through the Ataa Strait, which is surrounded by steepmountains with bird life and waterfalls. Our ice secured boats lie approximately 2 hours in front of the glacier and wait for the ice to calve, while a delicious lunch is served. An all-day excursion, where you will have a good opportunity to be immersed in the experience and the boat trip in the ice filled water.

Please notice:
This tour is operated by Diskoline. In case of any change in the program you will be contected by Diskoline directly.

The length of the boat trip to and from the glacier can last between 2 - 5 hours each way. It depends on the boat used the given day. The stop in front of the glacier lasts approximately 2 hours.