Glamping 1 nat

Glamping 1 night

Glamping is becoming more and more popular. With a stay in our glamping tents, you get a high level of comfort while being extremely close to nature and retaining the minimalist holiday style known from camping.

Our tents are equipped with quality beds, modern Nordic inspired interior, and a private patio overlooking the Eqi Glacier.

The tents are not equipped with water or electricity. All this, as well as shower and toilet facilities, can be found in the common area at Café Viktor. The tents are connected to Café Viktor via a walkway, which makes it very easy to get to the common facilities.

The boat tour to and from Eqi is operated by Diskoline. In case of any change in the program you will be contected by Diskoline directly.

Add-on options:
“4 hours hike to the Delta” This hike will take you to the edge of the Delta with amazing views of the landscape. On the hike there and back you will also get spectacular views of the Eqi glacier. The hike begins at 16:00, is about 4 km long in mountain terrain and takes approx. 3 hours. There will be served coffe and tea. Remember suitable clothing.