Air Zafari Master Explorer with Blue Lakes

We fly north along the Ataa Sund - the same way as our daytrip to Eqi glacier. We are soon on the other side of Paakitsoq fjord and fly over Glacier Lodge Eqi and straight past the glacier. From here we follow the ice sheet in a southerly direction and see mountains and lakes at the edge of the ice. On the other side of the Dead Glacier opens the large area at Sermeq Kujalleq - the huge glacier, which produces all icebergs in Kangia Icefiord. We fly over severel times to get it all, and finish the tour flying out to the icebergs in front of Ilulissat.

The flight takes you across the hills and mountains east of Ilulissat and over the Inland Ice. We fly across the glacier front - as low as safety permits in order to give you a unique view of this amazing sight.

Please notic:
The plane is of type P68 or the full name Partenavia. It is a 2-engine piston aircraft with high wing construction gives a fantastic view. At each of the five seats there is a large window. The plane is 12 meters in span length and 10 meters long.

The maximum weight allowed for 5 passengers is 379 kg, thus, it is very important that you write the weight of all participants at the end of this order. Furthermore, World of Greenland do reserve the right to move passengers from one flight to another.

Approximately 90 minutes flyingtime