September Ilimanaq Glacier Adventure

From south of Ilimanaq, you will set sail for Itilliup Ilua bay, where we arrive at the broad sandy beach and embark as passengers in two large all-terrain vehicles. Fantastic vistas of the mountains and the vast fields unfold as you traverse the tundra, until you find yourself at the Tasiusaq fjord system. For thousands of years, the Tasiusaq fjord was a beloved fishing area, however the great activity of past times has ebbed away. From here you continue your voyage on the water, between icebergs at the bottom of the fjord, likely without coming upon a single human being on your way.

After about an hour’s sailing you arrive  at the glacier, where the voyage continues on the fjord’s western bank. You’re closer to the ice now, and you can take in this unique world, where land meets ice. Your guide will describe the region’s history and how the ice formed the landscape you see around you.

The walk takes you now along the edge of the enormous glacier, until you find a place, where it is safe enough to set foot upon the ice sheet and perhaps be immortalized within Greenland’s nature through the lense of a camera. Along the way, there will be plenty of good opportunities to sit down and take out some lunch, enjoying the sights.

This tour does not demand physical fitness beyond the average

Please notice:
The side-by-side trip can be rough. Do not take this tour if you have serious difficulties with your back, neck, or other body parts.
The tour departs from Ilimanaq at 10 AM and returns there again at 5.15 PM. You will therefore need to book our shuttleboat for both directions if you have accommodation booked in Ilulissat.
The duration of this full-day tour is 7 hours.

Add on options:
Shuttleboat between Ilulissat and Ilimanaq, in case of accommodation arrangements in Ilulissat.
Dinner in the Historic Houses in Ilimanaq
Overnight stay at Ilimanaq Lodge