Dayhike to the Inland Ice (requires two nights in Glacier Lodge Eqi)

A long hike with great variation which takes us through several types of landscape: fertile lowland, wind-swept highland, moraines and last but not least the inland ice with its crevasses, rivers and wells.
We follow the track made by the French expedition leader Paul-Emile Victor all the way to the ice cap. During the forties and the beginning of the fifties the track, we follow, was used by tracked vehicle carring supplies for the Icecap expedition. Today we find many remains from machines and an old cable car. In the last valley before the icecap we enjoy our lunch before we climb the moraine and see the spectacular view of the ice cap. After a long day with a great experience we return to the Glacier Lodge Eqi for a well-deserved dinner.

Our guides are specially trained for these excursions, and they carry safety equipment such as satellite phones, GPS, avalanche sticks, and first aid equipment.

When the level of difficulty for these excursions are demanding, it is not because they require special training to walk on ice or climbing. The treks are not technically hard, but they are long and if you have to scale 400 meters of altitude, you have to be in good shape.

Please notice:
This tour starts in the morning from Eqi. So this means that it takes minimum two nights in Glacier Lodge Eqi. The tour returns at night to the lodge. So you should at least set aside three days and two nights to total Eqi trip.
This is not included in the tour!