Vandretur til "Nordre Huse"

Hike to "Nordre Huse"

Your guide will greet you in front of the reception in Ilimanaq Lodge to take you on this adventurous hike up the coast from Ilimanaq. You will need to bring a good pair of walking boots to accomplish the trip, because there are no marked trails or paved paths in this area.

We will leave the comfortable lodging and head out into the backcountry where we'll find abandoned settlements and cemetaries that will let our thoughts wander off in a multitude of directions. Why are there crosses and skulls here in the middle of nowhere? Your guide will explain everything while you try to comprehend the puzzling experiences.

Reaching the highest point close to the Ilulissat Icefiord you will stand next to the impressive icebergs that are stuck for our convenience. If we hike on a clear day we will be able to see the Ilulissat Glacier 65 kilometers east of our position. After lunch we will get picked up by our boat to sail back to Ilimanaq for more great experiences.

Please notice:
There are no trails here, so bring your best walking boots and physical condition
Bring a small backpack to carry your provided lunchpack and extra clothings
Remember to add-on transportation to and from Ilimanaq if you stay in Ilulissat for the night

Add on options:
Shuttle to and from Ilimanaq
Overnight stay at Ilimanaq Lodge