Kangia Triangle Hike

Forget the polar circle and join our triangle hike instead! We head out into the terrain from Ilulissat and soon find ourselves in a backcountry with no wi-fi or stressful sounds. The only thing that you are 100% connected to is the nature. We hike through towering clefts, pass by scenic waterfalls and fall down on our knees to dwell a moment in the heaver.

Berries of different kinds surround us together with polar foxes, snow hares and ravens. There are no trails on most of our path, but our guide knows everything about the area, safety and precausions you need to be aware of. We will hike in the most beautiful areas along Ilulissat Icefiord in the UNESCO heritage site and stay both one night in and one night on the border of the protected site. If the huts are full of fellow hikers we will have tents stocked for our convenience. You need to be in great shape to accomplish this hike, because it is difficult terrain although no clmbing is needed. We will hike through soft heaver and up rocky hills, but our efforts will be worth every pearl of sweat.

Please notice:
The greenlandic terrain is tough for most hikers. Also for the experienced. You will need to be in great physical condition to join this trip, and previous experience with backcountry hiking is essential. You are required to carry your own bag and some of the groups equipment or food in your bag. Water will be found as we go in the nearby streams and lakes. This is not a problem to use in Greenland. You should bring a sleeping bag and a mattress, but you can rent both things in World of Greenland if you do not want to bring it from home. The day before departure the group will meet the guide to have all necessary information about the trail and the coming days. Your last questions will be answered here and you will have time during next morning to buy the last essentials if needed.

Add-on options:
Possibility for rentals, sleeping bags, mats etc.