Meet the sleddogs

In Ilulissat we have six to seven months of winter every year, and wintertime is the same as “sled-time”. About 1800 dogs are used for work and recreation. The long-line fishermen use the dogs for transportation of Greenland halibut from the icefiord to Ilulissat. Even today the modern snowscooter can’t compete with the 2000 years old Greenlandic way of transportation, the dogsled.

On this excursion we invite you to join the feeding of a dog-team. You can see, feel, touch and most of all hear the howling of up to 20 hungry dogs. The owner will demonstrate the sled, the harness, and the whip and tell about the life as sled-dog in Greenland.

Please notice:
Remember practical clothing. It can be dirty at the dog kennel. Keep distance to the dogs, they are working dog and don’t react like European dogs. The dog owner can show you which dogs that are safe to pat.