Sermermiut Extended - Secret Inuit Graves

On this tour we go in depth with the old settlement Sermermiuts 4000 years’ long history and the different Inuit cultures and traditions. The area's natural beauty along with the exciting stories is bound to fascinate everyone.

We begin at the old cemetery, where people are still buried today, we then follow the walkway to Sermermiut and Nakkaavik - "the place to fall" (Old Ladies Gorge). Instead of returning, we continue along the track to Seqinniarfik "Where we welcome the sun" (Holms Hill), where every year, on the 13th of January, the people of Ilulissat hike to welcome the sun after the long dark winter. Along the way, our guide point out the historical sites, which can be hard to find, especially the old Inuit graves which lies hidden a little offtrack, here we see clear signs and bones in several open graves.