Walk to Sermermiut Settlement

Beautiful icebergs are the setting for the old settlement Sermermiut, located one and a half kilometers south of Ilulissat. For 4000 years, different Inuit cultures lived in the settlement and today you can still see many remains that indicate their presence.

A trip to Sermermiut is an absolute must when visiting Ilulissat! Hear the guide tell stories about Inuit people’s life and traditions before the Europeans came to Greenland. See turf hut ruins and touch the permafrost with your own hands.

An area so special that UNESCO named it World Heritage in 2004. It is estimated that up to 30,000 guests visit Sermermiut every year, for this reason there is a wooden walkway to protect the area against wear. Therefore anyone can go on this trip.

We follow the walkway to the viewpoint at Nakkaavik - "the place to fall" (Old Ladies Gorge), here our guide serves tea or coffee while we enjoy the view, then we return by the same route.