Igloo Lodge is World of Greenland's first winter lodge and is now part of a range of unique lodges. Here you will have the unmatched opportunity of experiencing Greenland in it's winter outfit of snow and ice. We will take you along with us on an adventure into the back country - one which you will not forget for a long time.


From Ilulissat we'll take you along on a 15 kilometer long (approx. 9 miles) snow mobile tour, that will lead us into the winter hinterland. We will speed our way through valleys surrounded by snow-covered mountains and across ice lakes. We will encounter sleds pulled by Greenland huskies in their element - their tongues lolling out of their mouths and the sled drivers whip directing them gracefully. We will follow the same path taken by the fishermen of Ilulissat for decades and you will be guided elegantly around the natural hindrances such as rocks and snow drifts.

As we drive over a hill top, the vista of the ice-covered lake Nalluarsup will unfold before you. Close by the lake shore lie our six traditional igloos and log hut, called Nalluarsuk. This will be the base for your stay at Igloo Lodge.

From here on, our lodge staff will brief you on everything about your stay, and thereafter a delicious lunch made with traditional Greenlandic ingredients will be served for your enjoyment. During the course of the day we will strap on our snow shoes and take you along on a hike to the lookout point above the Kangia ice fjord and the mighty Semeq Kujalleq glacier, from which the majority of Greenland's and all of Ilulissat's massive icebergs emerge. Here we will serve hot coffee, tea, as well as tasty snacks and good atmosphere. During the entire stay, coziness (which the Danes call "hygge") will be in the center, and the experience will culminate in staying overnight in one of our traditional igloos. This will give you the opportunity to spend the night just like the people of the Inuit culture have done for hundreds of generations, sleeping on skins and encapsulated by an insulating snow dome. We will of course make sure you have a modern winter sleeping bag, to ensure the experience is at its best.

Be prepared for one of life's greatest experiences.


The Igloo Lodge is made up of 6 spacious igloos, each with room for 2 persons. The igloos are readily furnished with sheepskin, warm sleeping bags, as well as candles to make your stay in the igloo warm and cozy. This combination of a good layer underneath with the warm winter sleeping bags, along with the fantastic insulating function of the igloos themselves, make it possible for you to stay overnight at one with nature. Even while it may be 30 degrees centigrade below freezing outside, you can lie snug and warm inside the igloo. Our cozily heated wooden beam hut is the centerpiece of it all and it is here we enjoy our meals. The wooden hut also houses a dry toilet.