Iglo Lodge

Igloo Lodge

In World of Greenland's newest lodge we'll take you all the way out to a winter scenery as you haven't experienced it before. Tall snowy hills surround you, and the northern lights dance about the dark sky in spectacular green and red. Try spending a night in the tundra like the inuits have done, in proper igloos made of snow, and you'll enjoy a tour you won't forget very soon.

We embark from World of Greenland's office in the center of Ilulissat. From there you take a ride through the countryside on a snowmobile , during which there will be fantastic vistas of Ilulissat and the whole Disko Bay area. Upon arrival at Igloo Lodge you'll be welcomed with steaming warm coffee by the lodge staff, who will introduce you to the schedule of the memorable next 24 hours.

The Igloo Lodge is made up of 6 spacious igloos, each with room for 2 persons. The igloos are readily furnished with sheepskin, warm sleeping bags, as well as candles to make your stay in the igloo warm and cozy. This combination of a good layer underneath with the warm winter sleeping bags, along with the fantastic insulating function of the igloos themselves, make it possible for you to stay overnight at one with nature. Even while it may be 30 degrees centigrade below freezing outside, you can lie snug and warm inside the igloo. Our cozily heated wooden beam hut is the centerpiece of it all and it is here we enjoy our meals. The wooden hut also houses a dry toilet.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Igloo Lodge!

There is space for 2 people in each igloo

The transport to and from Igloo Lodge is done in a piste machine, so lean back, relax and enjoy the spectacular landscapes.  
As we have very limited space in the piste machine and in Igloo Lodge we strongly advise our guests to pack lightly in a small backpack. See packing list here.

Those suffering of claustrophobia may find the space inside our igloos tight. As the entryway is made to keep the cold of the arctic winter out, it is made with limited space. Therefore, in order to enter our traditional igloos it is necessary to be able to physically crawl on hands and knees for half a meter. If this creates difficulties, it is of course possible to spend the night in our hut.

It is not allowed to bring along ones' own beverages. One can purchase a broad selection of beverages at our lodge.