Imagine waking up in a comfy bed and opening your eyes to the view of majestic icebergs. You enter the living room, take a seat on the couch and watch small fishing boats cruising lazily past in the crystal clear water. You're enjoying a cup of coffee on the terrace to the view of a whale family swimming by elegantly, the spray of their blowholes glimmering in the sunlight.
Welcome to Ilimanaq Lodge!

Ilimanaq Lodge is the latest addition to World of Greenland's uniqe range of lodges. Newly built in the summer of 2017, the huts are situated on the edge of the coastline in harmony with nature in the first row, with unique vistas of majestic icebergs and impressive whales. 
Ilimanaq Lodge comprises of 15 luxury huts with adjacent gourment restaurant and conference facilities. At Ilimanaq Lodge you'll be right out there experiencing this little Greenlandic village in a comfortable setting.

Each hut has its own solar panels installed, supplying energy for heating and electricity. Surplus electricity from the solar panels is sold cheaply to the village and the locals. The long bright nights in the Greenlandic summer make use of solar panels very effective.
The huts are built as a two-floor construction and are designed to integrate into the surrounding tundra. All huts are furnished in a beautiful Nordic design, and each has a private bathroom and toilet. As the highly modern buildings they are, they of course have flushing toilets, as well as warm water in the shower and electricity for lighting and heating.

You can book accomodation at Ilimanaq Lodge directly on this page.

World of Greenland provides several daily shuttles between Ilulissat and Ilimanaq. Regardless what time of day your arrival is, you'll always be greeted warmly by the personell upon your arrival in the village. Easy to spot are two black log houses, of which the one at the back is Lodge reception and a small museum. Your keys are waiting for you here and this is where you can get any other information you may need about the facilities at Ilimanaq Lodge.

A huge spectrum of experiences awaits you at and around Ilimanaq Lodge, so you will always the option of undertaking something exciting. There are cultural acitivities in the village, as well as visiting the locals or a guided walk through the village.

In addition there are longer and more all-round activities to take part in with our Glacier Adventure tour, which is a beautiful combined ATV and boat tour into the back country up to the fascinating Sarqardliup glacier.
If physical activity is more what you're after, why not join in on the Nordre Huse walking tour along the northern coast and up towards the icebergs, where you'll come into close contact with the animal life along the way. Moskoxes, foxes, snow rabbits and many others can be out on the fields of the tundra, and there are vistas out towards whales and seals in the ocean. Of course a bit of luck is always involved when looking for wild animals. Beyond that, this tour is a historic and cultural experience, as you will visit the old settlement of Nordre Huse.
We greatly look forward to greeting you at Ilimanaq Lodge!