"Kaffemik" - visit a local family

The local inhabitors of Ilimanaq are called 'Ilimanarmiuts' and always invites friends to 'kaffemik' which is a get-to-gether where you celebrate special occasions with coffee and cake and local specialities.

We visit one of the families that has lived for many years in the area and has a lot of stories to tell about daily life and cultural traditions.

This excursion is your chance to get up close with the locals and learn more about the interesting people that lives so far away from everything else.

Please notice:
We do not guarantee that you actually like the specialities, but we encourage you to taste it
Join this excursion to contribute to the local community
Remember to add-on transportation to and from Ilimanaq if you stay in Ilulissat for the night

Add on options:
Shuttle to and from Ilimanaq
Overnight stay at Ilimanaq Lodge