World of Greenland is a Greenlandic company with deep roots in Ilulissat tourism. We are one of the few operators that are open all year. We have a large selection of exciting excursions in the Disco Bay area and we own Glacier Lodge Eqi, Ilimanaq Lodge, Igloo Lodge and Ilulissat Hostel. Our excursion catalog contains, among other Icefiord sightseeing, whale watching, helicopter flights and cultural walks and hikes of more challenging character. We organize excursions for individuals, groups, VIP, cruise ships, as well as performing various special events both winter and summer. Our lodges are founded on sustainable tourism, where we use local labor and green energy. Our store in Ilulissat serves as information center for tourists, and includes the sale of souvenirs and various other products for tourists and locals.


Mission: To provide great experiences for a variety of guests through a continuous focus on safety, quality and development.


Vision: To promote sustainable tourism and contribute to local as well as national growth.


World of Greenland is a commercial company that annually reinvests profits in new initiatives that help to market Greenland as a sustainable and exciting travel destination. World of Greenland exists as well for the local fisherman as for the traveling tourist. We provide great experiences for a wide range of nationalities, and provides professional service for those who want to experience more of Greenland and have great experiences in a unique part of the world.


World of Greenland focuses on safety - both for the guests and for the staff. We do not compromise with the national rules on land, at sea or in the air, we continuously update our procedures and upgrade our equipment, so we are constantly up to date and ready to work in a safe, creative and positive environment.


World of Greenland focuses on quality - both in terms of our products and our staff. We are constantly working to optimize our existing products to a more eventful variant, which is timely for our guests' interests and desires. It is our opinion that the experiences that are rich in interactive quality shows similar happier guests. Through cooperation with Campus Kujalleq, World of Greenland annually hires trained guides and service economists from Greenland, which brings local expertise to the company. We also recruit multilingual Danes and Greenlanders with years of training in a wide range of interesting and relevant areas. This creates depth and detailed knowledge in the communication of natural phenomena and cultural experiences. We believe that empathetic stories create a breeding ground for the guest senses that let them experience Greenland in a way that will be deeper to the heart, and create memories that last forever.


World of Greenland focuses on development – both in the local community, the national tourism and its own commercial products. We always have an eye on tourism trends and act as first movers in relation to this. We keep close contact with our guests and partners, and continuously evaluates new ideas and launches flagships, which will become pioneer projects for further action in Greenlandic tourism and business. Through participation in various trade fairs throughout the world, we can both promote Greenland in general and as a tourist destination, as well as obtain information about the direction in the future we should shape our products to constantly be up to date and follow the trends in tourism.


We believe that locally based projects and democratic participation, will foster further growth of the company and the local as well as national tourism development. We focus on sustainability in all our projects and contributing to society with a helping hand, sponsorship and social responsibility. We do this partly as a member of Greenland Business, as well as by participation in various labour council meetings and municipal strategic planning. We involve ourselves in the local culture, both as a company and in our spare time and are always available with ideas and thoughts.


World of Greenland is for you, who have the courage for more.


Lotte Cecilie L. Søndermark, CEO World of Greenland


World of Greenland A/S was established January 1st 2007 by Greenland Travel A/S and Ilulissat Travel A/S.


Beside offering excursions, World of Greenland own and manage Ilulissat Hostel, Glacier Lodge Eqi, Ilimanaq Lodge and a shop with souvenirs and Greenlandic art sale.


World of Greenland A/S
Kussangajaannguaq 7
PO Boks 109
3952 Ilulissat
Tlf. +299 94 43 00

CVR A/S 12346611


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