To describe the level of difficulties on our tours we range it from easy to demanding.
Below we have added some examples to help you.


In general Greenland should be regarded as an active holiday destination, as a visitor you have to expect alternating modes of transportation and be able to board a boat without a walkway. Roads and paths are all slightly hilly. In summer the rock can be wet and slippery and strong wind can occur. In winter we have a lot of snow, ice, and cold.



1: Easy

An easy hike means that you need to be able to walk 2 to 3 kilometers, but in a somewhat flat area. Almost like walking on the paths in a forest.


2: Moderate

Accessible to all those in good health and who are used to all-terrain walks and hikes.


As for dog sledding, you may have to get of the sled and walk a short distance; furthermore you need to have a healthy back, since there are bumps and small jumps on the way. 


3: Challenging

On a hike at this level means that you have to hike up and down some steeper hills. You may have to walk on loose stones and cross running water, but of course the guide will help you if you need it. Involves hiking with a daypack.


When this is mentioned in connection to dog sled, it is because you need to be able to walk up steep hills. Do not despair, though, you can always hold on to the sledge and get a little help, moving forward. Furthermore, you may need to walk downhill alone, if it is necessary due to the conditions of the terrain.


4: Demanding

On a demanding hike, we expect you are in a good physical shape, meaning you can walk for a couple of long days with steep hills. For example on our 2 day hike to and on the ice sheet, where you need to scale 1000 meters in one day. Often involves carrying your own gear and/or overnight stays in tent or mountain hut also in winter (dog sled).


5: Strenuous

Expedition level, demands considerable effort and endurance. Suitable only for people in physically great shape.


Visitors to Glacier Lodge Eqi

Glacier Lodge Eqi is situated on the rock approximately 100m above sea level. We recommend that all luggage is carried in a rucksack, since the accent makes it difficult to bring a suitcase. The landing is not suited for disabled. All our tours and walking on your own in Eqi should be considered as mountain hikes and as a little demanding up to very demanding.