Here you will find some practical information about how to dress in Greenland and our packing lists


Whether you are visiting Ilulissat in winter or in summer, we always recommend practical and insulating clothing after the layer-on-layer principle, the outer layer should be waterproof and windproof. As the weather in Greenland is very changeable with sometimes significant changes in temperature, it is a good idea to have a warm sweater and long underwear within reach, especially on our boat trips. We always recommend wool as the inner layer.


Correct footwear is essential on your journey to Greenland. In summer, you should bring waterproof shoes or hiking boots with good soles as roads, mountains and boat decks can be very slippery. In winter when it is cold in Greenland, down to minus 25-30 degrees, warm boots are very important. The sole should preferably be of pure rubber, plastic soles becomes very slippery at low temperatures. We recommend winter boots from Sorel or Baffin.


Also, always bring a daypack with bernie, gloves, neck gaiter, sunglasses and sunscreen (not water based). We also recommend that you bring a pair of binoculars and a camera to capture the wildlife.



You can download the 2 day dogsled packing list in a pdf file here



Packinglist for an overnight dog sledge excursion

We split the list up in necessary and what we furthermore recommend you bring.

•    A big bag (app. 20 litres): This should be made in a soft material. You will sit on you luggage during the sledge tour.
•    Min. 4 pair of socks: Wear 2 pair at a time + 2 extra. Pure Wool!
•    1 set of performance underwear (Thin)
•    1 set of performance underwear (Thick)
•    1 pair of mittens: Big enough to wear thin gloves beneath them.
•    2 pair of thin finger mittens: Pure wool is the best. You can buy finger mittens in Ilulissat, but they are not made of pure wool.
•    Hat/cap: A wind stopper that covers your ears is the best choice.
•    Trousers made of fleece: Polartec 200 – 300.
•    Fleece jacket/pullover: Polartec 200 – 300.
•    Windproof trousers: Gore-tex or similar
•    Windproof jacket: Gore-tex or similar
•    Windproof and isolated leggings/overall trousers: Trousers made of sealskin can be rented in Ilulissat
•    Windproof and isolated jacket: Anorak made of sealskin can be rented in Ilulissat
•    Polar boots: Can be rented in Ilulissat.  
•    Thermos flask: This should be made of steel.
•    Personal medicine
•    Sunglasses

Furthermore we recommend you bring:
•    A small rucksack for a day’s journey
•    If possible 1 extra set performance wear
•    2 pair of thin finger mittens extra
•    If possible extra hat/cap
•    Scarf
•    Balaclava
•    Ski glasses
•    Sun protection: Without water
•    Sun blocker: Without water
•    Camera, extra batteries
•    Torch, extra batteries
•    Sleeping bag inlet (sheet sleeping bag)
•    Toilet bag: No shower possibilities on the excursion
•    Pocket knife
•    Literature: In case of bad weather


Rental of arctic sealskin jacket and trousers, along with boots


It is possible to rent a sealskin jacket and trousers, along with arcticboots for your excursions with World of Greenland.


The price for rental of sealskinjacket and trousers are DKK 250 per day

The price for rental of boots (Sorel Glacier / Baffin Boot) are DKK 65 per day