Ilulissat was founded in 1741 and was originally named Jakobshavn. Ilulissat is part of Avannaata Kommunia, this means the northern municipality. There is about 10.650 people live in this area. In Ilulissat lives approximately 5000 people and 3200 sleddogs.


Ilulissat is situated about 180 miles north of the Polar Circle. Therefore there is midnight sun from May 20th to July 20th. The winter darkness begin in the end of November until the sun returns on January 13th in this period we have the finest northen light in the world.


Experience the midnight sun, the inland ice, gigantic icebergs and calving glaciers. Experience whales, seals, sledge dogs, permafrost and the northern light. A world so far away from your everyday life, the experience will become an adventure.


Greenland is a big country, with lots of beautiful and interesting places to visit. However, there is no place, where the experience will become as complete as here in Ilulissat – the town by the ice fiord. We offer you experiences by helicopter, boats, dog sledges and by foot. An area, so beautiful and unique, that UNESCO has accepted it on its World Heritage List.


The arctic summer is short and hectic, and that is demanding for the arctic fauna, which is living on the extreme edge. It is also interesting to experience the Greenlandic culture and history, which is all-pervading in the area.


The hinterland is incredibly beautiful, and during the winter, when the ground are covered with a blanket of snow, it is possible to go sledge riding. Around the hilly terrain, across frozen lakes and fiords with icebound icebergs. Choose between a daytour or an overnight sledge ride.


Eqi Glacier - the calving glacier - situated 50 miles north of Ilulissat, is a popular travel destination during the summer. With daily departures from Ilulissat, Eqi Glacier can be experienced as a daytour or with an overnight stay at Glacier Lodge Eqi opposite the glacier. 



There are 4 hotels in Ilulissat:

Hotel Arctic:

Hotel Icefiord:

Hotel Avannaa:

Hotel Hvide Falk:


There is also a hostel:

Ilulissat Hostel:



You can download the city map of Ilulissat in a pdf file here